Books & Collaborations


I have illustrated and designed my first children's book

The First Christmas for children, a book full of color, where you will meet Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus. Pastors, Roman soldiers, King Herod, the Magi and the Star of Bethlehem that will guide you to the Portal.

Includes an "Advent Calendar" with stickers, a Letter for the Magi and a Christmas card.
"Mi primer Libro de Adviento"
illustrations & design by karumina

COLLABORATION & the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions of the "Univerisdad Autónoma" in Madrid  
  • Designing of Spanish popular characters with the style of the sweet cubisan world
  • Coloring sheets & Paper toys for children's workshops at the Museum.
  • Characters design: Jarramplas and Peliqueiro.
  • Spanish folklore character design: Peliqueiro from Laza, Ourense, Spain.
  • Spanish folklore character design: Jarramplas from Piornal, Extremadura, Spain.