Welcome to my cute "cubisan world"

Welcome to my traditional illustrations

Altamira Caves and The family of "Lo"

I am enjoying a lot drawing these illustrations traveling to the Ice Age, for a personal project.

The family of "Lo"

I found a pretty adventurous and very strong family. The family of "Lo". They live in the Altamira Caves and have everything they could wish for. They hunt and fish, they give thanks to the gods of Nature, the grandfather is the Shaman and and recently they have found babies of "Teeth of Sable" some "very tender kittens" ... they have a big Mammoth since he was little and he helps them in the housework, for example go for wood for the harsh winter. They like animals so much and are thinking about becoming vegetarians!
Hope you enjoy!
A small "Saber Tooth", sweet Smilodon, has gotten a ribey.

Lo's wife, making fire.
Paintings at the entrance to the Cave.
Entrance of the cave protected with prehistoric fur cloak to avoid the harsh winter.

The pantry filled with beautiful prehistoric pottery and Protective Idol of the Shaman, the Grandfather.

The brave Grandfather, Shaman of the family with his prehistoric "Baton of control" watching
the Paintings of Bison on the rocks of the Cave of Altamira.