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NEW Vintage XMAS SHOP 2015. Visit our Vintage Shop

Visit our Shop here: new vintage stuff for this Christmas 2015.

Hope you like it! and if you want one or more please send me an email to: karuminacubisan@yahoo.es

Choose the illustrations that you like for this Christmas!

Each one is a very good and delicate reproduction of my work on special paper.
Signed front right.
Size: 15x15 cm. You can choose with a white frame 0,5 mm or without it.
The illustration will show the trademark and copyright behind.

Unit Price: 4 euros
3 units Price: 10 euros
6 units Price: 15 euros

Shipping out of Spain: 5.50 euros
Only I accept paypal payment.
Items will be shipped after receiving payment.

Wish you a Merry Christmas!