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A prayer on the Day of All Saints. Children praying inside a Visigoth Hispanic Church.

A prayer on the Day of All Saints, 1 November. 

A particular order of several medieval illustrations.
One of them is this:
"Children praying inside a Visigoth Hispanic Church".

It is a period of history that I love, it's fascinating.
I really enjoyed drawing these scenes of medieval daily life.

The style that I used had to be very special, I wanted to reflect the spirit of those times and for that I developed a "pictorial experiment" with a range of colors and a very different style than you usually use (flat and bright paintings) for "cubisan world ".

The iconography that you can observe:
  • On the front door, the Crismón held by two angels on the tympanum of the main portal.
  • A fresco depicting the "donor lady" on the wall of the church.
  • A girl lights a candle as an offering while "his brothers watch impressed" the stunning frescoes and pedagogical inside the church decorated.
  • Plant and geometric motifs decorating the columns and archivolts inside the church.
Now you can enter in Medieval times...

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