Illustration & Design © cubisan world by karumina 2016. All rights reserved. Not allowed to be used my artwork without my permission. Thank you.


A cute George de la Tour :)

A new cute and great Masterpiece for our lovely Cubisan Museum.

The fortune teller. 
Cute masterpiece by karumina
Original by  the great Georges de la Tour


Cute animals for a funny game: Who is who? by karumina

Now i am working on a funny project, the game: Who is who? Who is it? Guess who? ¿Quién es quién?
I am really enjoying designing lovely characters, sweets and fashion animals!

Character design
Cute animals for a funny game: Who is who?
 by karumina


Umberto Eco & The Name of the Rose

Sad loss! ‪Umberto Eco‬ has left us. Always love "The name of the rose" & scriptorium & monks & medieval & books 

Copyist monk & scriptorium
by karumina illustration


Easy Rider :)

Always... enjoy your life & Carpe Diem!
I enjoyed a lot drawing this character for Easy Rider and of course... the motorcycle Harley Davidson!

Peter Fonda (Wyatt) and his the motorcycle Harley Davidson!
from cubisanworld by karumina


Enjoy your San Valentin!

Once year more, we wish you a cute San Valentin from cubisanworld!

Have a very nice day like Jefferies & Lisa.
Here they are, a little secret photograph of one of our favourites movies by Hitchcock: The Rear Window. Enjoying chocolates and champagne, Veuve Clicquot... :)

A quirk of the illustrator: "Barcelona chair" design furniture by Mies van der Rohe :)

Enjoy your San Valentin